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"Get Ready for the full

Monty on pregnancy!!"

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Run time film

65 minutes

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English (UK)


English, Dutch & Spanish

What About The Guy?!

"A great level of heartfelt honesty, cheekiness and information"

She's pregnant so congratulations, mate!


But how do you deal with pregnancy as a man?


The pregnancy film for guys, made by guys!


Of course pregnancy is all about the woman, and rightly so, but in our experience as dads we think that men tend to be overlooked during the life-changing 9 months that pregnancy is. We decided to make a film about the guy side of pregnancy. In "What about the guy?!" Seasoned dads Alan, Dave, Cameron, Terry & Steve are here to help you prepare - the right way!


They share their views on how they (and their wives) experienced pregnancy and how to deal with it as men. They talk openly about their relationships, hormones, finance, sex, birthing balls and of course labour! They fill you in on all do's & don'ts. It's as close as they possibly dared to having a lads chat in the pub and shown to their wives!

What About The Guy?!


So...throw away the books that she's given you, grab a beer, watch this film and show off your knowledge afterwards. She'll be happily surprised!